Photo by Dmitry Smirnov / Strelka Institute

About Jasper Visser

Jasper Visser is an international change agent and social and cultural innovator and senior partner at VISSCH+STAM. He helps organizations (re)connect with their audience, develop strategies for the digital age, and facilitates community and cocreation processes. Jasper has extensive experience in the cultural and heritage sectors and social institutions.

Jasper has a background in educational design and community-driven development. He started his career as an independent consultant and designer of (educational) programmes and projects for organisations such as the World Bank and the European Union, as well as NGOs and social initiatives. In 2009 Jasper joined the National Museum of History of the Netherlands as project manager new technologies and media. Recently, Jasper has worked internationally on strategy development and audience engagement projects for a wide range of clients including the European Parliament, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, the Museum of Nature, the National Arts Centre of Canada and Philips.

Jasper developed Cards for Culture and Wie is de leraar? (Who’s a teacher?) together with Erik Schilp. He codeveloped the Digital Engagement Framework, is associated lecturer at the Reinwardt Academy and expert advisor for various projects.

On The Museum of the Future Jasper writes about museums and culture in times of technological and social change. / @jaspervisser

Photo by Dmitry Smirnov / Strelka Institute

Selected publications

Selected toolkits, games, and other downloads

  • Quantum Culture Workbook: A practical method for strategy development in the age of open source culture.
  • Cards for Culture: Playful strategy development for culture. One hundred high-impact cards to strengthen and future-proof your institution.
  • Digital Engagement Framework: Develop the strategies, processes, and technologies to structurally engage your audience to maximize your co-created value.
  • Cards Against Creativity: Start a conversation about creativity in your organisation and develop new ideas for projects, exhibitions, performances, etc.
  • Consumer Journey Boardgame (sold out, download source files): Dominate media channels, convince consumers, always be closing and crush the competition.
  • Creative Museum Project (external toolkit): Make connections between cultural institutions and creative communities with best practices, toolkits, and strategies for success.

Please contact Jasper if you want to organize a workshop based on any of these products, or if you want to develop a toolkit or game for your own organization or project.

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