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Speaking and workshops

Jasper is an enthusiastic and experienced public speaker and facilitator with a focus on sustainable development, digital transformation, and community leadership in cultural and civic organizations. Contact Jasper to discuss the options for an inspirational and energising lecture or workshop at your event.

Together with Erik Schilp, Jasper has developed the method Quantum Culture and the playful took Cards for Culture. We run workshops with these methodologies for storytelling and strategy development from our consultancy VISSCH+STAM.

I am very thankful for your brilliant speech. It was not only fun to listen to you but also very inspiring. Everybody I was talking to loved it.
– Tomke Hahn, ,simple (DE)

For a more complete overview of Jasper’s work and activities, see the website of VISSCH+STAM.

Selected presentations

  • Webinar: Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals, October 2019, Network of European Museum Organizations. (video)
  • Keynote: Een Smart Museum voor Slimme Mensen, September 2019, Future of Culture, Ghent, Belgium. (video)
  • Opening keynote: A business model for culture in times of digital transformation, May 2019, Colloquium Cultuurmanagement, Antwerpen, Belgium.
  • Opening keynote: Culture in an open source society, April 2018, Reframe!, Lausanne, Switzerland. (interview)
  • Opening keynote: Participación digital y collaboracion creativa en los museos, December 2017, Sevilla, Spain.
  • Public lecture: Building sustainable, peaceful communities with museums and cultural heritage, December 2017, National Museum of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Closing keynote: The Museum of the Future in a Digital Society, October 2017, MusMuc17, Munich, Germany. (video)
  • Keynote: Museums and communities in a digital age, October 2017, ICOM MPR, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Presentation: Digital technologies for storytelling and audience engagement, December 2016, ICOM Russia, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.
  • Keynote: De grote toekomst voor kleine erfgoedinstellingen, December 2016, Open Up! Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.
  • Closing keynote: The Freestyle Museum. September 2016, National Board of Antiquities, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Public lecture: Cultural institutions in the city of the future. September 2016, Strelka Summer School, Moscow, Russian Federation. (video)
  • Opening keynote: Cultural heritage, refugees & building sustainable, peaceful communities. June 2016, European Registrars Conference, Vienna, Austria.
  • Opening keynote: Museums in the city of the future. January 2016, Museum und Stadt / Stadt und Museum, Dortmund, Germany.
  • Opening keynote: Future museum challenges. September 2015, Culture across bounderies / ICOM Nord, Nuuk, Greenland.
  • Presentation: The museum visitor of tomorrow. June 2015, Bridging the Gap, Jerusalem. (video)
  • Opening keynote: Social museums in a high-tech world. June 2015, Intercom 2015, Moscow.
  • Presentation: Van volger naar verdienmodel. April 2015, Bibliotheekplaza, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
  • Opening keynote: These 18 Facts About The Museum Of The Future Will Change Your Life. July 2014, New Media Consortium, United States. (video)
  • Opening keynote: Museums in times of social and technological change. April 2014, Canadian Museum Association Conference, Toronto, Canada.
  • Keynote: Digital media and the museum visitor, opportunity or challenge? November 2013, Kun(st) for eliten?, Oslo, Norway. (video)
  • Emerging technology and future audiences. October 2013, Explore Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Opening keynote: Public engagement and life-long learning in the museum of the future. October 2013, The Relevant Museum, Trondheim, Norway.
  • Digital media and the participatory museum. October 2013, Directions, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
  • How technology can make couch potatoes love cultural heritage. February 2013, NCK Spring Conference, Östersund, Sweden.
  • Keynote: The future of museums is about attitude (not technology). December 2012, Sharing is Caring, Copenhagen, Denmark. (video)
  • How to up your digital game? Lessons to improve the new media and technology strategy of your museum. November 2012, Intercom, Sydney, Australia.
  • Opening keynote: Cultural institutions in the digital age: Spiders in the web(?). November 2012, II Foro Internacional de Espacios para la Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (video)
  • Museums in 2022. February 2012, Infopresse, Montreal, Canada. (video)

Photo by Elina Abdrakhmanova.

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