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Launching Quantum Culture, a practical method for strategy development in the age of open source culture

Today, we proudly present our brand-new Quantum Culture workbook. Quantum Culture is a practical method for strategy development in the age of open source culture.

We – VISSCH+STAM co-partner Erik Schilp and I – developed Quantum Culture based on the learnings from the many projects we have been proud to work on in recent years. Developing the Quantum Culture method took the best part of the last few years, and many of you will have been exposed to earlier versions of the method or its tools in lectures, workshops, or projects we did.

Quantum Culture helps organizations to create flexible, dynamic, and more effective strategies by recognizing and building on their uniqueness, and by connecting around the values, ideas, and practices of their community.

At the core of Quantum Culture lies the belief that there is much diversity among people and the organizations they create, and that these differences need to be cherished and indeed create opportunities. This has always been one of the most important values in our work, and I cannot tell you how proud we are both to work with people who share this value and to have found a way to operationalize it for organizations and individuals around the world.

If diversity is key, it follows that each organization requires and deserves its own bespoke strategy approach. Rather than promoting a one-size-fits-all tool, like there are already so many, with Quantum Culture we have created a method that makes it possible to focus on your particular areas of priority. It helps you localize the specific buttons you can push to strengthen and improve your unique possibilities and assets.

The Quantum Culture method was developed in collaboration with a wide range of organizations and individuals from countries around the world. The method and workbook are completely new, with original exercises, case studies, and other content, with an occasional hint to popular classics.

Quantum Culture is built on eight themes and applies to traditional public institutions, but also to social, cultural, and political associations, community initiatives, start-ups, SMEs and larger businesses, educational institutions, and all other organized groups that rely on community support for their success.

You can order your copy of the workbook on our website. If you order before 3 December 2018, we will ship your order in time for delivery this year.

We see Quantum Culture as a platform for knowledge, debate, and learning. Consequently, in the coming months and years, we will regularly write about parts of the Quantum Culture method on this blog as well as in other publications. Follow #quantumculture on social media to stay in the loop of these and other developments.

The Quantum Culture workbook and all eight exercise foldouts.
Three of the exercise foldouts: Audience, Community, and Location.

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