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Download a selection of the best of The Museum of the Future

By popular demand, you can now download a selection of the best of this blog as PDF.

Over the past years, I’ve regularly been asked to compile a list of the ‘must reads’ of my blog. I understand it can be difficult to navigate eight years of content. This PDF publication contains a selection of posts that stood the test of time, and those I have found myself referring to repeatedly over the past years, in workshops, meetings and classes. I have not necessarily selected the most popular posts.

The 41 selected posts range in time from my 2009 tour through Amsterdam with Seb Chan to my story about the Street Art Museum of Amsterdam from earlier this year. In topics, the PDF addresses working with communities, storytelling, institutional development, and other recurrent themes on this blog. I’ve tried to structure this publication so that it seems to address some topics in depth.

I’ve always been surprised by the impact this blog has had. Its almost two-hundred posts have been read over half a million times. Many have been republished in newsletters, magazines and books. A handful have been translated. At least 50 students and others have used my posts in their research. (Thanks for the citations!)

What continues to amaze me, are the opportunities the blog creates. I meet so many great people because of it, am invited to speak at wonderful events, hired to work on amazing projects, and interviewed on radio and television. In turn, these experiences have allowed me to see some of the world’s most fascinating museums. And then, many of these experiences turn into new posts: the blog is a perpetuum mobile of ideas.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without you, dear reader. Thanks for your comments, support and all the social sharing you have done to give this blog the reach and impact it has had. Thanks!

If you’re a frequent visitor, don’t worry: this PDF is not the end of the blog. It’s a destination for people who want to know more, without having to go through the entire archive. Very soon, there will be fresh content here. And if you can’t wait for that, you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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