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Help us map participatory governance of cultural heritage

Our cultural heritage belongs to all of us. It is a common good, shared by communities. As such, the role of all people and the rights of groups of interested citizens in its maintenance, management and development is ever more recognized. The European Expert Network on Culture therefore has been asked to map case studies of such participatory governance from all over Europe.


Please help us map all cultural heritage related projects, organisations and initiatives that genuinely involve the audience in its operations, management or logistics, either physically or digitally, in Europe!

If you’re involved in, or know of, a project, organisation or initiative that according to you is an example of participatory governance in cultural heritage, please add it to our Crowdmap.

We would like to cover practices in as many EU countries as possible, and across as many types of cultural heritage organisations as possible.


The outcomes of this mapping exercise are manifold. First and foremost, hopefully it will inspire you to design and implement your own participatory practice in cultural heritage. In addition, it will contribute to the development of policy on participatory governance in Europe and potentially results in a handbook for all of us to involve more people in our cultural heritage.


We’re mapping the case studies on Crowdmap, the little brother of Ushahidi. Of course, mapping participatory governance should be a participatory process. Crowdmap is super simple and doesn’t require you to sign up (but you may).

Please share at least a short description of the initiative and contact details for us to find out more. We may follow up case studies to create thorough cases for future publications and presentations.

Trouble with Crowdmap? Leave your case study in the comments and we’ll add it to the map!

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Question? Comment or email! :-)

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