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The INNL website and network relaunch!

When we learned that the Museum of National History was going to disappear late 2011, we tried to find a new home for our highly successful (and often un-museum-like) products. Last week the new home for our INNL website and network was announced. The platform Oneindig Noord-Holland (Endless North-Holland) has taken over the content and ideas of INNL and will incorporate them in a new and revised version of their own platform, due later this year.

The award winning INNL website told stories about the history of the Netherlands in a social and connected way. The innl-network connected these stories with the wider web and collections from other institutions, and allowed everybody to access these collections in an easy and intuitive way to tell their own stories. Just before the Museum of National History disappeared, we managed to integrate 100,000 photos, Wikipedia and Europeana in the website.

Oneindig Noord-Holland started building their platform around the same time as we did. Over the past years they’ve managed to create a regional historical platform with considerable reach and spinoffs in other parts of the country. My favourite feature of the platform are the curated tours that tell stories about places in the country.

Oneindig Noord-Holland will launch a new platform later this year which will the content and ideas of INNL, the Digital Collection of the Netherlands and other partners to create a national portal for culture and heritage. As the innl-network has shown that such online collaboration improve the quality of visits to a website, needless to say I’m very much looking forward to seeing this succeed!

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