Digital Engagement Framework masterclass at Intercom in Sydney

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Digital Engagement Framework, looking for case studies and feedback

In May of last year Jim Richardson and I presented the Digital Engagement Framework as a tool to structure thinking about digital engagement in organisations. We published a free booklet to help organisations use and implement the framework in their own projects and organisational strategies. Also, we’ve toured the world giving workshops, masterclasses and training sessions about the framework and done consulting work based on it.

Now, we’re working on an updated version of the framework and (work)book about digital engagement in the cultural sectors based on our experience. And, we need your help.

As with all ideas that are put online, the framework has gone around the world even without us knowing about it. People used it, commented upon it, adapted it and given their ideas back to the community. Maybe you have been working with the DEF as well. If so, or if you have thoughts about the framework, we would love to hear from you. We’re looking for case studies of structured digital engagement as well as feedback to perfect the framework.

Of course, all your contributions will be attributed and the end result will be shared as freely and openly as you’re used to.

Maybe the framework helped you structure a crowdfunding project and raise money. Maybe you based your website redesign on it or restructured your social media activities. It could be that you used it in training sessions or to convince your boss to invest in digital. It might even be that you used it to develop a full digital strategy. All this and more has been done with the framework by people around the world.

Please share your feedback and case studies, specific requests and ideas, preferably via email ( or We’re working on the book and second version throughout the summer and will publish all in September. Throughout the summer we’ll keep you updated with regular blog posts and via social media.

Thanks in advance!

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