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What could be an alternative location for your museum?

Virgin Atlantic has created an in-flight gallery for its business class passengers. And why not? Buildings are expensive, often have at best a local reach and need to be cleaned and painted all the time. There are better options. Following up on a popular posts from lightyears ago* about what a museum could be as well, today I’d like to reflect on where a museum could be.

(By the way, I do hope the magnificent Air and Space Museum near the airport in Washington opens an in-flight gallery soon, which would be the coolest Droste trick ever.)

  1. Hotel rooms. (Good people at MuseumNext last year thought of an app to do so.)
  2. The central train station in Utrecht, the Netherlands, which is probably the world’s worst place to be, full of empty space and stuff put there by the municipality to enlighten the lives of travellers which it utterly fails to do.
  3. Any airport, not just Amsterdam Airport (where you can visit the Rijksmuseum and until recently science centre Nemo, now replaced by a juice bar).
  4. Malls and shopping centres.
  5. My living room with its enormous white walls I will one day fill with art but haven’t yet had the money for.
  6. Supermarkets (as long as you can sell parts of your collection).
  7. Empty shop displays as is being done in many places around the world. (My favourite at the moment, and I’m completely biased because I worked on the project: Van Gogh in Amsterdam.)
  8. The walls and windows of unused buildings, as Candy Chang does with many of her installations.
  9. Forgotten, unused railway tunnels. (R.I.P. Old Vic Tunnels.)
  10. Anywhere people queue.
  11. Mars.

What about you? What is the most extraordinary place you have seen (or can imagine) a museum?

* I know a lightyear is a measure for distance, not time, I really do.

Header photo by Alex T. on Flickr.

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