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All the good stuff comes from Sydney – Looking forward to Intercom 2012

Qantas 747 at Sydney
Photo by Dave Griffith on Flickr.

When I started working in museums, some three and half year ago, one of the first things I discovered was Sydney. A significant number of the cool things going on in the world of cultural innovation come from the not-even-capital of a tiny nation lightyears away from ‘the old continent’. In November this year I’l finally get to see the magic of Sydney with my own eyes, and hopefully meet many of the great people whose work has inspired me, at Intercom 2012.

Now I don’t know the magic of Sydney, yet, but I’d like to share some of the products of it with you, and maybe you can tell me what it is!

  • The Sydney Opera House, of course, is more than world famous. What had me fall in love, however, is not its signature architecture, but the Ship Song project. I still use this beautiful video to encourage participants in my workshops to think about the strengths of culture and (performing) arts.
  • The driving force behind much of Sydney’s innovative museum force for a long time has been Seb Chan, who (un)fortunately left to turn Cooper-Hewitt into an intergalactic example. I can wait to see ‘his’ Powerhouse Museum. If you have no idea who he is (which, surprisingly, sometimes happens), see his TedxSydney talk from 2 years ago.
  • Somewhat over a year ago I met Anders Sorman Nilsson, futurist and resident of Sydney. Not a cultural innovator, but a great thinker on the future of everything, his ideas of a ‘digilogue’ future are valuable to all of us working on innovation. He has lectures online on countless topics and I greatly recommend most.
  • Another household name in thinking about the future of collections and museums is, of course, Lynda Kelly, who also happens to organise Intercom 2012 and is the founder of museum3. Her work on audience research is especially worth while and I’m looking forward to meeting her again!
  • The beach and climate. (No really, who doesn’t want an occasional break from wintery Europe).

There’s surely much more to discover in Sydney and I’m looking forward to meeting new and old friends at Intercom 2012 (and around) late November. Let me know if I’ll meet you there, or if there’s anything I missed so far and certainly should not miss while on the other side of the world. Thanks in advance!

N.B. I GREATLY appreciate suggestions for theatre to see, tracks to run and restaurants to eat at. Of course:-)

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