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Loose ends after 2Qs of consulting: 7 ideas to steal about innovation and museums

Like a lot of people I keep track of my ideas and todos in a Moleskine. This weekend I reached the end of (yet another) one. This one lasted since the beginning of Inspired by Coffee, so I flipped through it to see which world-conquering ideas remained unfulfilled and which ground-breaking thoughts never came to fruition. And, in line with my belief in ‘open’ and my invitation to keynote at Sharing is Caring in Copenhagen later this year, I decided to share the loose ends with you. If they’re worth anything to you: steal them!

  1. Probably, there’s a strong case for applying the Value Profit Chain to thinking about digital media in culture. Happy employees make happy customers make happy ‘corporate’ results. This is probably the reason “Who likes summer?” FB updates work so well for so many brands.
  2. I guess I’m not alone in liking museum cafes as places to have a meeting. Yet, when I send an invitation to a client/partner/etc. the cafe usually looks so crappy on a museum’s website that I bail out. Photos should be high-quality, lively and genuine. (In line with this thinking, our soon-to-be-launched Coffee for Culture competition will of course include awards for best service and setting.)
  3. I can’t shake the feeling we’re messing up something in Porter’s competitive advantage strategies.
  4. Why do festivals seem to work so much better than museums?
  5. If we want cultural institutions to be entrepreneurial, we better start hiring and training entrepreneurs.
  6. Everybody and especially me should talk more to strangers. (Strangers being visitors, non-visitors, colleagues, random people in cafes, competitors, peers, basically everyone.
  7. If things aren’t simple, they probably aren’t worthwhile. Meaning, if we need more than one sentence to explain the added value of an exposition, online campaign or crowdfunding project, it’s probably too complicated to attract a lot of people anyway. This is probably the reason “Who likes summer?” FB updates work so well for so many brands.

So, I admit, this is a rather eclectic mix of ideas and not all of them will make you a millionaire, but I’m happy I let them go. If you have some ideas you’re not doing all too much with, please share ‘m as well. I’ve just started in a new notebook and might need some loose ends to start with!

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