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6 social media trends in culture according to you

Bag it or Bin it at Mediamatic
Photo by Simone Schoutens of Mediamatic.

Most of the workshops I run I conclude with a simple and effective game I call Bag It or Bin It*. Simply put I ask participants to summarise the main ideas of the workshop and put them into two categories: the ideas they will follow up (these go in the bag) and the ideas they never want to hear about again (these go in the bin). The result is a nicely coloured co-created do’s and dont’s list for the participants.

Minke Havelaar, with whom I run a series of workshops for Mediamatic’s Kom Je Ook?, has made a summary of a couple of Bag It or Bin It games we played about social media marketing strategy with cultural institutions. The result reads like a trend list for social media development in the cultural and non-profit sector. Especially interesting is what people put in their bags regarding the strategic use of social media.

So, what do our colleagues focus on when it comes to social media? Here’s 100s of ideas summarised in six clear trends:

  1. Quantity versus quality of content
    Do’s include writing Tweets and Facebook updates according to best practices (short, images, etc.), the 9-1 rule for writing more about others than about yourself and thinking more strategically about each piece of content.
  2. Measuring and analysing
    Participants planned to focus on metrics and tools such as Google Analytics, but also on writing reports about social media successes and outcomes for management and coworkers.
  3. Acceptance and organisation
    Social media doesn’t work when you’re an island within the organisation. Coworkers need to be involved. Do’s include setting up guidelines and a social media policy, providing support to peers and professionalising social media activities.
  4. Planning and strategy
    Do’s include setting up a content strategy, working towards broadly-supported goals, integrating social media in the communication strategy and working according to a long-term planning.
  5. New platforms
    Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn… There’s more than Facebook and Twitter that meets the eye and some (new) platforms might be way more suited to engage and reach out to an audience.
  6. Target groups and key influencers
    Maybe the most important point for many: getting a better sense of the target groups that can be reached via social media, and connecting with key influencers to reach out to wider audiences, as well as designing a strategy to create advocates for your organisation.

None of these trends will really surprise a weathered professional, but it’s wonderful to remind ourselves that if we get these basic ideas right, we can do the unthinkable on social media. I’m very curious to hear which trends you see or wish to focus on. From the heated debates I see in my RSS reader and Twitter feed about for instance staffing and education, I gather there are more trends worth discussing.

Also, if you’re curious to learn more about these trends and how to make them work for your organisation, consider joining us in one of our workshops. The Mediamatic ones are in Dutch and in Amsterdam, but with my company Inspired by Coffee we’re running workshops on any of the themes above (besides ‘new platforms’), for instance at MuseumNext where we’ll do a crash course in digital engagement strategy. Hope to see you there!

* The game is certainly not invented or designed by me. However I can’t find the original source. If you know it, please share it in the comments.

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