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The best of the Museum of the Future of 2011

Photo by Paulo Alegria on Flickr.

Quite some blogs are offering “best of” lists at the moment (notably, Expert Enough, Know Your Own Bone and Time’s Best Blogs of 2011), and I find these surprisingly pleasant. Also, even on blogs I follow closely I miss some posts, which then turn out to be the best. That’s my luck; to help yours, here’s the best of the museum of the future of 2011:

  1. 6 useful Google Analytics Custom Reports and Advanced Segments for museum websites
  2. How the Google Art Project might revolutionize the physical museum experience
  3. DOK Delft, inspirational library concepts
  4. Integrated media strategies for museums
  5. 30 do’s for designing successful participatory and crowdsourcing projects
  6. Using Foursquare to make historical contents locally available (and reach new audiences)
  7. What is good museum architecture?
  8. Bumpy rides and dead-end streets
  9. How to measure engagement and participation? An experiment with Google Analytics
  10. Videos and blogs about museums, technology and media

It’s great to see the strategic and result-oriented posts get quite some attention this year. Also, without Google I would have been nowhere (in terms of topics and traffic).

Some numbers. You and some 23,760 others came over 36k times to read something, leave a comment or share thoughts with your social networks. In total, people spent over 1000 hours on my blog of which – my estimate – 68% was paid for by somebody’s boss, for which I’m terribly sorry.

I wrote 57 posts in 2011 and thus did not achieve my own target of 80. In exchange, I gave 15 presentations, of which some are available online. Now, let’s get going with 2012.

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