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Next year: The strategy start-up

Photo by Sofia Torrão on Flickr.

This post will answer the number one question I’ve been asked after it became known the Museum of National History would cease to exist in January: What will I do next year? And to take away some worries immediately, I won’t be gone from the cultural sector. At least not entirely, as I will explain shortly.

Starting right after New Year I will be working on what we call a “strategy start-up”. Together with the talented digital producer, music enthusiast and my good friend Erwin Elling, I will start a company that will help others to use the opportunities of the 21st century strategically and sustainably, and create campaigns and strategies that add value to brands.

We call it a strategy start-up because on the one hand we will use the no-nonsense mindset of start-ups in approaching challenges, while at the same time we will look beyond the short-term objectives that often dominate (digital) projects.

Ever more organisations have taken successful first steps in the digital domain, and can pride themselves in an established traditional presence. Today, however, they’re faced with the question “what’s next?” How to turn Facebook fans into visitors? How to connect with completely new target groups? How to build a meaningful relationship with our audience that spans the physical and digital domain? How to make some money doing so?

That’s where we come in. Together with our future clients we will give workshops, training, co-create successful campaigns and strategy, develop a vision for the coming years and help you make sense of the immense possibilities of the 21st century.

So, next time we meet you’ll be wearing a striped suit?!

Well, probably not. Next time we meet will be like last time, but better, I’d say. Both Erwin and I care strongly about culture, the arts and society and we’d love to continue working with many of the amazing institutions and people we’ve met.

At the same time we’re open to partnerships with for-profits that sell wonderful products or services. We’d love to take the lessons we’ve learned in either sector (for- or non-profit) and apply the best elements in the other, so together with you we can do some really ground-breaking work.

Therefore, this blog will not stop. Maybe in the coming year there will be some more influences from other sectors such as theatre, music and festivals, but I’ll continue to write about participation and innovation in museums as well.

Also, I’d love to work with you. Over the last years I’ve been speaking and giving workshops at numerous events in- and outside of museums, and this will not stop in 2012. I’ll even have more time to do so and do more in-depth projects. Please contact me if you’re interested in having me give a workshop or presentation, or our services as a strategy start-up.

If you contact me, make sure to mention you’re a regular to the blog. Without all the comments and contributions, emails and conversations at conferences, I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off. Allow me to return the favour when we work together in the future.

Thanks, I’m convinced. Where can I find more?

Hmmm… We haven’t yet figured out our name, so there’s no domain name and thus no website, yet. I promise we’ll have this ready in early January and you’ll be among the first to know. If you have the perfect idea for a name for our strategy start-up, drop me a note. I’m sure I can reward your idea with a free workshop if we pick it:-)

Thanks for sticking with me, thanks for reading the blog. There’ll be one or two more posts before the end of the year, and after that: See you in 2012!

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