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Thank you! What’s next?

thank you
Photo by Jen Collins on Flickr.

After the news that January 1st 2012 the Museum of National History, my employer, will cease to exist, I received countless heartwarming and encouraging messages from all over the world. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank everybody for his or her kind words and pats on my back. Thank you, you are amazing!

It’s wonderful to know the international community of cultural innovators (if I may call you that) is a place where people share and care.

Many of you have asked me what’s next for me. Good question: What’s next?

In his wonderful book Where good ideas come from (video) Steven Johnson gives some guidelines – say, life’s lessons? – to stimulate creativity and develop a sense of direction to something truly worthwhile. If you haven’t yet, read the book.

What’s next for me is that I will do some of the things Johnson recommends to prepare for an as yet unknown adventure that will eventually connect keywords such as culture, society, innovation and people.

Some of these recommendations I can do myself; taking walks, writing everything down, making mistakes…

With some others I could use your help. Here’s how:

I’d love to discover how a wide variety of institutions work. Museums, archives, theatres, NGOs… What are your challenges? What makes you unique? If you can, I’d truly appreciate to come by and see what you do. In exchange I’m happy to share everything I know in a presentation, workshop, etc.

If you care to know what I can offer, browse around this blog or take the 30-minute easy route of watching my presentation at MuseumNext last May.

Also, I’d love to share ideas and thoughts with you over a coffee, wine or gin-tonic. Let’s cross-pollinate our ideas so they can prosper and grow! Maybe I can provide some constructive thoughts to your plans to world domination. Amsterdam’s a hot tourist location and I’m more than happy to play your host.

I don’t mind travelling to get my creativity going (in fact: it’s a great way to actually do so) but as this is out of my own pocket, my radius might be limited (to Europe?).

The easiest way to contact me is through twitter or LinkedIn, although you can also send me an email (of course). I will build you a nice statue in my head, promised.

So, that’s ‘next’, at least for the coming months. Of course, I’ll keep you posted about the discoveries I make in the coming months thanks to you and my plans for January 1st. See you around!

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