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Growth of mobile visitors and the phones they use on

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Today I began working on the quarterly report of my museum’s new media activities for Q2. People who follow this blog will know I usually find something useful in the huge pile of data we gather and process. This time, a somewhat higher percentage of mobile visitors to our website motivated me to take a closer look at their stats.

The first graph shows the percentage of mobile visitors to our website. Although there’s little difference on a per-month basis, and even a small decline in the early months of this year, the trend (orange line) shows a continuous growth.

Percentage mobile visitors to
Graph 1: Percentage of mobile visitors to

If this trend continuous, by January 2012 some 10% of our traffic will be mobile (and it will take only 24 months to be at 100%). By now we’re at about 5%, which well justifies a good mobile strategy. Or, for the infographic generation: If our website were the world and our mobile visitors a country, it would be (about) as big as the United States, Spain, Germany and some smaller countries combined. We can’t ignore them.

Secondly I looked at what kind of ‘phones’ our visitors are using. The second graph shows there’s both iOS and Android are gaining some terrain, although the division is mostly stable. With 70-80% iOS mobile visitors, either we made friends with the Apple kids, or this is still the dominant platform for us.

Division of devices within the mobile segment
Graph 2: Division of devices within the mobile segment.

How do these stats compare to yours? I have the feeling 5% mobile visitors is kind of low, compared to many others, and 70-80% iOS kind of high. I’m curious to discover more about what’s behind these numbers.

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