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Strindberg, innovation and a wrap-up of #kulturwebb

Innovation can be painful, in my translation of what Johan Ronnestam said.

Last week I presented at a #kulturwebb conference in the Nordiska Museet, Stockholm. My presentation opened with an 1888 quote from Strindberg, from his preface to Miss Julie (translated by Michael Robinson).

(…) people have believed in the possibility of creating a new drama by filling the old forms with new content; but this approach has failed, partly because there has not yet been time to popularize the new ideas (…) and partly because we have not yet found the new form for the new content, and the new wine has burst the old bottles.

Apparently, the debate about innovation in content and medium in culture is nothing new. Of course, I would like to add. When we talk about innovating cultural institutions, it’s not about starting to use Twitter or Facebook. We talk about continuously reinventing ourselves to stay meaningful in a changing world. Change and innovation are an on-going process. As the adage goes, change is the only constant (Heraclitus?).

At the #kulturwebb conference Mia Ridge gave an exciting talk about gamification. Definitely worth a look! Another great speaker with a story that crossed the language barrier was Johan Ronnestam (starts at 20min). Johan writes a useful blog, often in English, about changes in communication. I’d definitely recommend subscribing.

My take away, although paradigms are changing with new and social media, many things stay the same. People like to do useful things with their time; they like to make meaningful contributions. People like to be entertained with compelling narrative. People like to connect and people like stuff that inspires them and makes them dream off.

My presentation at the conference was about the opportunities of the 21st century for museums (starts at 1h12).

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