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Quick note: A parallax scroll-fest of Dutch history

100m2NL "Gouden Eeuw"

The church that is the office of the Museum of National History is being turned upside down to create a 100 square meter exposition about Dutch history, 100m2NL. In many ways, it’s the pinnacle of a lot of our work. Today we launched the website, which makes me very happy. (Use Google Translate to read it in English, or Swahili.)

The design is done by Robin Stam from Vijf890, and reflects the make up of the exposition. Humanique has been responsible for the development. This was our first project with them, and I must say the cooperation has been great. The inspiration for the website comes from, of course, the amazing Nike Better World website.

Obviously, 100 square meters is not a whole lot of space to tell the story of Dutch history, and neither is a single page website. Therefore it is backed up by our full website Both the website and physical exposition deeplink to numerous articles and stories to provide additional information. Part of this extra layer of information comes from our partners in the INNL network.

100m2NL will open May 20th in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam. If you’re around, please drop by!

N.B. I stole a significant part of the title from @jhu. Thanks!

100m2NL "Industrialisatie"

100m2NL "Beeldenstorm"

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