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Adding 100,000+ ANP photos to the INNL network

Photo from ANP Historical Archive

Last week, our friends of press agency ANP launched their renewed online photo archive. That’s cool 1) because about a 100,000 professional photos are now available under a CC license and 2) the new website is part of the INNL network.

A bit more about 2. ANP has had its historical archive of press photos online for quite some time. Unfortunately, as often with photos, its descriptions and metadata are limited. We worked together with ANP on our successful crowdsourced project Nieuwe Groeten Uit… and decided to take this one step further in the new ANP historical archive.

The INNL network connects historical collections and communities. Many of the connected websites encourage visitors to add stories and to add images to these stories. However, scanning, uploading, or arranging the rights often are too much of a barrier to adding images. The ANP archive has photos about virtually every possible topic of the Dutch history that people can tell personal stories about, which makes them very useful for people to add images to their stories.

The INNL network could do with the ANP photos, and ANP could do with context the INNL network provides, so we decided to connect them. Now, when somebody writes a story or comments, adds an article or describes an event somewhere in the INNL network, and adds an image from the ANP archive (using the redesigned wizards for adding images), this become information about the photo for ANP. Thus, by using the photos, people are describing the photos.

Hewlett-Packard HP110 (1984) Vision of the future in 1989

Obviously, with 100,000+ photos (and many more to come), it will take some time before all photos will be used (and therefore before their context and metadata is enriched). Every bit helps, however, and with the INNL network growing, so will the reach of the photos.

In some months I will come back here with some stats about usage, new metadata, etc.

Selecting photos from ANP in INNL network Selecting photos from ANP in INNL network

About cool thing 1: All photos are available under CC BY-NC-ND so if you’re looking for nice photos to use in your upcoming presentation about the Netherlands, please feel free to download them.

Photo floppies: Raymond Rutting / ANP, photo HP: ANP, photo man working: Cor Mulder / ANP

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