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What if the future of museums isn’t mobile?

Last week I attended an amazing Culturemondo debate about mobile and museums. And it wasn’t the only mobile & the museum thing going on lately. The future of museums seems mobile! Now I do believe mobile offers astonishing opportunities for museums to engage audiences and tell stories. Just look at the video above and be inspired. However…

After last week’s session I wondered: What if the future of museums isn’t mobile?

And therefore, are we all betting on the wrong horse?

Mobile is an interface between us and the world around us. On the probably most photographed slide of Picnic David Vogt shows that mobile is an interface that truly connects people, for the first time since the sky. It’s about communities, involves audiences and engages users socially. Take that. I can’t shake the feeling however, that the sky and mobile screens are completely different interfaces. Unlike the sky, the mobile screen is really between us and the world around us. It’s a barrier. It hinders us.

The Internet of things will one day, and one day soon, connect the world around us to the web. Interfaces will no longer be needed. Roads will tell us where to go; paintings how they are made. The Internet of things might make mobile redundant.

So, maybe the future of museums isn’t mobile?

(Nevertheless I guess, and the video above shows us, the debate about mobile is a good one. Mobile is an amazing interface between us and the world. Maybe the best since the sky. It will teach us valuable lessons about bridging the gap between humans and the world (museums) through technology.)

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