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What would Lady Gaga do if she were a museum?

Inspired by the thought-provoking presentation below and the fact Lady Gaga has almost 80 million scrobbles on, all-time second after only the Beatles, I wondered: What would Lady Gaga do if she were a museum?

1. She would make absolutely sure everybody knows she exists

The museum Lady Gaga (let’s dub her the Gaga Museum) would not be satisfied with being in the Lonely Planet as a thing to do on a rainy day. She would be there spicing up every possible event with her unique songs… uhm, collection. The 2009 Those About to Die Salute You show by some museums in New York comes to mind as a thing the Gaga Museum would appreciate.

2. She would nurture her fans and visitors like little monsters

The Gaga Museum makes her fans and visitors feel like the most special people on earth. Not only the members (those who buy CDs). The occasional visitor, the Tweep, the Facebook fan, they’re all special and the Gaga Museum lets them know they are. Even those who only make illegal screenshots of her heavily copyrighted online collection. Everyone who has ever paid a few seconds of attention to her is a Little Gaga Museum Monster.

3. She would be so passionate about what she does that it infects others

The Gaga Museum loves her collection. She loves her work, how she contributes to culture and society. She is so passionate about even the dullest things that visitors can’t help but get contaminated with her enthusiasm. That piece of ancient wood happens to be something remarkable. In fact, most visitors will not come upon something similar any time soon and the Gaga Museum is sorry the tour guide spat a little when he told that story, but it’s just… we’re so proud to have this piece of wood here on display.

4. She would not be afraid to break conventions

Of course you can’t sing about being drunk as a 24-years-old (teen) idol. And of course you can’t combine your historical objects with contemporary street art. Let alone have your audience participate in the design of that exposition and take down your most-valued piece, just because nobody really likes it. That won’t make you the Gaga Museum. The Gaga Museum is constantly on the lookout for new conventions to break, because she knows it becomes appealing when you dare to be different.

5. She would fight every day to become the absolutely best there is

How often have you responded to an amazing idea that if you were the Guggenheim or Louvre, yes!, you could do it. The Gaga Museum never has. She believes that one day she can become the very best museum in the world, even though her songs… uhm, collection is nothing special and there’s a million others trying to reach the same thing. She wants museums “to walk around delusional about how great they can be – and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth”.

(Quote from “The Rise of Lady Gaga.” by Brian Hiatt, in Rolling Stone (11 June 2009): 57-61 via WikiQuote)

That’s just my 2 cents, but I bet there’s a lot of other stuff Lady Gaga would do if she were a museum…

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