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Spinny Bars Historical Society – new media with a twist

A lot of great thing came out of Museum and the Web 2010. I’ll be blogging about some of them over the next week (as I’m stranded in Denver due to #ashtag). One of the best, without a doubt, was the Spinny Bars Historical Society, or SBHS.

I first came into contact with the SBHS when I accidentally joined one of their board meetings. Their extensive team, headed by revolving visionary Ryan, works on the promotion and conservation of spinny bars around the world. As they say on their website: “The Spinny Bar Historical Society is the world’s premiere historical society for any and everything related to the global phenomenon that is the Spinny Bar. These international delights are dissappearing from the Earth (which, we should point out, also spins).”

About the SBHS and their birth they gave a stunning presentation at MW2010. It’s a must see for everybody in the cultural sector, IMHO.

What’s so great about the Spinny Bars Historical Society?

Basically, in somewhat over 24 hours they put together an impressive new media initiative, incorporating almost everything museums are working with right now. And they’ve did it with sense.

What they’ve proven is that there’s only one way to do a new media project: Just do it. Most of the institutional, financial or even operational “buts” are merely fear to start going. The only limitation to being online and on-track with new media is the guts to really do so.

The Spinny Bars Historical Society spinning online

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