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The exothermic museum; making energetic connections

If you put two molecules together, they sometimes undergo a chemical reaction that gives us some energy. For instance:

C + O2 -> CO2 + energy

This is called an exothermic reaction and it’s the basis of combustion, most electricity, climate change and polar bears going extinct.

It doesn’t always work this way. Some molecules do nothing when put together:

H20 + O2 -> nothing

And sometimes you’ll have to add energy for something to happen (endothermic reactions):

N2 + O2 + energy -> 2 NO

The trick is to find to molecules that combined give extra energy. You win. It’s a thing of nature, a universal law. So, obviously, it applies to more than chemistry.

  • Find your best friend the love of his/her life, and together they’ll love you forever.
  • Find your employer the perfect match for a vacancy and she might give you an iPad.
  • Connect your freelancing friend and your needy neighbour and they’ll (both) buy you a beer.

Hence, putting two people together that can do something great together is useful. Even if there’s nothing in their connection for you. Some extra energy is created that you as a connecter can use.

The exothermic museum

This made me think about the exothermic museum. A museum that connects individuals based on their needs and achieves its goals with the extra energy these connections create.

Everybody wins and your audience will love you eternally.

Making energetic connections

So, with individuals in your audience being your molecules, what energetic connections can you make?

  • Connect the retired academic with the teacher looking for an inspirational class.
  • Match the traveling bohemian with the local social worker.
  • Find a bunch of educated single men for the spinsters of the book club.
  • Group the “what should I do with my life” students with settled professionals.
  • Throw an open coffee for local entrepreneurs and freelance designers.

With the right edge, all of these will create energy. With some thought, this energy can make your museum excel.

Thanks to Grant Gunderson for dusting off my chemistry knowledge and Horia Varlan  for the photo.

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